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What is a facialist ?

A facialist is a professional of anti-aging beauty which offers facials and massages. Each person has a different routine, diet, age and issues. Facialists are therefore trained to understand different skin types and their specific needs and are able to adapt their knowledge and massage techniques to meet those needs. Well Being and Microcurrent Studio is committed to offering you the latest advances and technologies at the institute. You will find there Isabelle Grilland, Paris facialist for more holistic and specific beauty treatments. Don't hesitate to start with a facial diagnosis in order to determine the care that will be most suitable for you.

What are the benefits of a facial ?

A facial helps to improve the appearance and overall health of your skin. This can help reduce impurities such as blackheads and other skin breakouts while helping your skin cells to more easily retain the moisture needed to keep them supple. By providing monthly stimulation to the facial muscles, it is possible to increase their natural tone to firm the skin. It is also possible to improve local circulation through the specialized maneuvers used by qualified practitioners. Although the result is not permanent, it helps revitalize the skin's appearance and texture for a rejuvenating effect. That's why Well Being and Microcurrent Studio relies on non-invasive medical technologies such as microneedling, radiofrequency, microcurrent and HIFU care. Proper skin care helps remove toxins, makeup, oil and dead cell buildup that penetrate the lymphatic system. This keeps the skin clearer and healthier.

What are the different types of facials available ?

Facial cleansing : You begin with a deep cleansing that gently exfoliates any abnormal accumulation of dead skin cells. This process helps moisturize the skin and prepares it perfectly for subsequent cosmetic procedures.

Massage facial : Facial massage is an effective method to stimulate facial muscles and promote better blood circulation. The use of an oil with powerful active ingredients could provide additional relief by nourishing the epidermis.

Face Yoga : This treatment is designed to tone your facial muscle tissue to improve your overall appearance. During this procedure, the targeted application of pressure on certain points allows for a refreshing and relaxing effect.

LED treatment : LED devices are used to improve the overall appearance and health of skin cells by providing light wavelength therapy. It can stimulate muscle fibers, allowing the skin to regain a bright and firm appearance.

Mask treatment : During this treatment, a blend of specially prepared products is applied to the face to promote hydration and reduce signs of aging. Masks typically contain natural ingredients such as plant extracts and essential fatty acids that help nourish the skin.

Microneedling : une méthode efficace pour faire pénétrer plus facilement les soins à travers le derme grâce à des micro-aiguilles.

Micro courant et radiofréquence : deux procédés distincts et de nouvelle génération permettant d’apporter un effet anti-âge immédiatement visible et une peau rajeunie.

Find your facialist in Paris

You wish to access one of our care in the institute You can choose it directly on the website. One of our consultants will then contact you to determine the day and time slot that will suit you. The beauty center is open Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 8pm, Thursday from 12pm to 7pm, Saturday from 9am to 7pm and Sunday from 10am to 7pm.


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