Emani Make Up Vegan Cosmetic Compact Mineral Foundation

Emani Compact Mineral Foundation  high definition with illuminating pigments that give the face a silky and velvety effect, for a natural and organic make-up , 100% vegan , gluten-free , cruelty free and eco friendly .

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It is ideal for a fresh and smooth complexion.
Enriched with organic nutrients, it helps dehydrated skin and protects it from external agents.

Compact Mineral Foundation is a long lasting and extremely comfortable matting agent.
It has an average coverage that can be intensified with multiple passes.
It can be used both as a foundation and as a finish after liquid foundation .

  • Matting
  • opaque

Contains: Honeysuckle Flower Extract; Moringa Seed Oil; Vitamin E; Vitis Vinifera extract.


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